Thứ Ba, 3 tháng 5, 2011


Le Anh Hung

Quang Tri, 3rd May  2011
Dear Sirs,
On 21st April 2008, I first sent my accusation letter via the Internet to accuse CPV Secretary General Nong Duc Manh, PM Nguyen Tan Dung and Deputy PM Hoang Trung Hai.
After that, from 12th March to 23rd 2009, with secret support and direction from President Nguyen Minh Triet, who wanted to overthrow Mr Nong Duc Manh, I sent the accusation letter via the Internet for 19 times more. The Politburo set up an investigation panel to secretly investigate the case and in early July 2009, the panel concluded the investigation. Evidences showed that many high-ranking officials involved, even Mr Nguyen Minh Triet. The Politburo members also voted not to bring the case before the CPV’s Central Committee.

In early September 2009, many foreign embassies in Vietnam (US, China, UK, France, Malaysia, Korea, etc.) requested Vietnamauthority to let them know the truth about the accusation letter. They were then allowed to meet my wife in Quang Tri province; she followed Mr Nguyen Minh Triet’s instructions to inform these foreign diplomats that the story was partly fabricated. The Politburo members continued their battle for power and could not agree on how to deal with me.
I kept on sending the accusation letter via the Internet, time after time. The Politburo did not agree to arrest me because I was right and because Mr Triet was behind me. In 25th December 2009, after sending the accusation letter for 20 times, I was “caught in the act” by Dong Ha Municipal Police (backed by a security faction in Hanoi) in an Internet shop. Threatened by those involved, my wife declared to the police that I was suffered from mental illness. Unable to fight against Mr Nong Duc Manh, Mr Nguyen Tan Dung, Mr Hoang Trung Hai, Mr Nguyen Minh Triet and even the Politburo (which did not want the case to be officially investigated and brought before CPV’s Central Committee), the investigators of the Quang Tri Public Security Department (undoubtedly, some of them were bought and instructed) sent me to Hanoi to be examined by the Central Institute for Forensic Psychiatry (which was secretly instructed by those involved). Subsequently, I was sent to Danang Psychiatric Hospitalon 4th May 2010 for “compulsory treatment” and released on 24thAugust 2010.
At the moment, my wife and I are in an extremely difficult situation because Mr Triet still retains all our money (during the time we played in the conspiracy, so that others would see that we were penniless and thus no one would suspect him). We now have no choice but to send the accusation letter once more (together with my diary, which shows details of Mr Nguyen Minh Triet and his followers’ involvement) via the Internet in the face of imprisonment sentences. So please help us by publicly confirming that your representatives did meet my wife in Quang Tri province in early September 2009 and demanding Vietnamauthority to protect us; this time my wife will surely tell the truth (she has already signed the accusation letters). Your support and cooperation will be very much in the interest of Vietnam’s democracy, freedom and prosperity.
Yours truly,

Le Anh Hung

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